Reading is fun and no child should be excluded from this fun. The adventures in books are endless.

 You know your child should get on the books adventure train but you do not know how. Your child hates reading. Your kids see it as work. They would rather watch TV than read a book. They prefer video games to story books and you just don’t know what to do.

Your child is under so much pressure from school….literacy homework, after school numeracy lesson, music lessons, swimming lesson and the list goes on.You do not want to add the pressure of reading.

Okay, you want your child to read but you do not know what he/she should be reading. What should he/she be reading at this age? You don’t even know where to get your supply of children’s books, you are too busy to spare time to read to your child, your daughter loves to read but she just can not retell the story, her comprehension of books is almost zero…and it goes on and on like that…

If any of the situations above looks like you, you are not alone.

Statistics show that there is a serious decline in reading, not just among children, but also among adults. So  give your child a break!

This blog is all about helping you and your child fall in love with reading. I will be sharing my experiences with you. Experiences gotten from daily helping children love the art of reading.  Reading shouldn’t be boring. It should be an experience every child looks forward to, just like they look forward to ice cream and fun outings.

You can look forward to getting tips on

  1. Reading for children
  2. Book reviews and recommendations
  3. Fun reading activities
  4. Book clubs
  5. Reading centers and children
  6. Bookshop referrals….

Let’s just just say this is your one stop shop(blog) on children reading.

Take this from someone who loves reading “books are fun”!

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Please feel free to drop your comments,questions and suggestions as we go on this adventurous book ride

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